Your Many Lives – An example Of Past Life Healing

‘Tudor Trauma’

Marion’s experience (one-to-one regression with Deborah Monshin)

“What has happened in the past has echoes in the present”

“I had experienced severe stomach pains for many years, since my mid-thirties and despite numerous medical investigations, different medication and holistic treatments, nothing had cleared them. Deborah and I were discussing past life regression and she suggested a regression to see if there were any underlying causes for my stomach problems. I decided that I had nothing to lose and that perhaps I may learn something useful, so we went ahead.” Nina

I find myself in a sparsely decorated room. I’m feeling very anxious. I’m a man of about 35 years of age. I am wearing a cheap shirt and hose, so I know I am in the Tudor period. The hose is brown and my loose shirt is open-necked and an off-white colour. I feel that I am not poor, but certainly not well-to-do. I sense that I live in a town and the familiar sensation is that I live in London.

The anxiety builds and I focus on this sensation. As I concentrate I become aware that I am involved in a plot against the King. My friends and I are horrified by King Henry’s arrogance and his casual regard for the Church. He has bankrupted the country for his war with France and has a reputation as a philanderer. People are struggling for food and we are being pressed for more taxes to fight Henry’s war.

We have no respect for the King and want to bring about his downfall. We would love to dispose of him but I feel that is a step too far. My friends however are intent on the assassination. I do not feel comfortable with this but I hold my counsel for a long time. I feel that we are close to overstepping the boundary between revolt and treason. But half of me thinks, well why not, as we would be killed if caught for whichever offence. I feel trapped like I am caught between a rock and a hard place.

At our last few meetings, I have attempted to be the voice of reason, to dissuade them from their purpose, but I now feel that I have put myself in danger – I fear that my friends suspect me of turning against them.

I hear banging and shouts of angry men at my door. The sensation of fear amplifies to one of terror as soldiers burst into my house. They are the King’s soldiers and have come to arrest me for treason. I am terrified, I try to attest my innocence but they manhandle me outside. I have no shoes or doublet on.

We move forward. The next thing I am aware is of is my trial. What a joke. This is no trial but a travesty of justice. My friends are lying about me. They are saying that they heard me talking of plans to assassinate King Henry. I am screaming, telling them it isn’t true. No one believes me. No one is listening to me. No-one cares. I am just another dissenter, I feel like I am nothing. I feel just how vulnerable life is.

We move forward again. My body is broken and torn, I have been tortured and in my tormented state I have admitted to whatever it is they wanted me to admit to. I can no longer recall what I am accused of. I am overwhelmed by feelings of anger towards my so-called friends, and anger at the unjustness of it all. I feel powerless and there is nothing I can do to save myself. It is a terrible terrible feeling.

I am dragged out to the public square where I am hung, I barely feel this as I am so numb, both in body and mind. I will be glad of the final release into death. But just as I feel myself drifting out of this life, I feel hands on my body and a release of pressure around my neck.

I have been cut down. I attempt to breathe in but my throat is constricted and I still feel as though I am strangling. Disoriented and half dead I am tied to the gallows and drawn, I feel the heat as my innards tumble from my stomach and I smell the stench. I am past feeling pain.

Thankfully at this point, I die.

I see myself rising above the scene. I feel calmer now but still disoriented. I look down at that poor body below and still feel his sense of injustice and shock at the turn of events. It takes a long time for me to start to release the horror of the final events of that lifetime. At the same time, I can recognise that experience as just one of many in the journey of my soul, and that it too, has a lesson and a purpose.


Healing Outcomes

I could instantly recognise this past life as the source of my deep-rooted feelings of distrust and almost hatred of authority. I could also see why I have trust issues in my relationships with friends and family. In that past life, those friends sold me out as a traitor to the authorities, even though it was I who was against the plan. I could understand that they did this out of fear – they were afraid that I was going to report them, and they just got there first. But the understanding of their motives has not quelled my anger.

Injustice is something that I feel very strongly about in my current life and I will go out of my way to support disadvantaged people and stick up for people’s rights. I do not accept the government’s ‘status quo’ and will open people’s eyes to the real world situation when I can.

Interestingly, it was not the manner of death that was traumatic for me. What affected me in my current life was the destruction of the trust of friends, the feeling of not being heard, not being acknowledged to have a right to life, and the total sham of a justice system that was being manipulated by the people in power for their own agenda. Innocence meant nothing.

Amazingly and perhaps the most important result, is that after this regression, my stomach cramps disappeared. It also occurred to me that the age I was executed in that past life, was the same age I was in this lifetime when the stomach cramps started.


This is a powerful example of physical healing and it is not uncommon for the body to produce physical symptoms at the same age as it experienced the past life trauma. It is like a reminder that some deep-rooted issues need to be addressed, and if we are ‘awake’ as Nina is, then we can do the work we need to undertake and discover the meaning of the symptoms. Only then can we find a lasting cure.

There have been numerous cases whereby past life regression and bodywork has healed physical problems where a diagnosis has not been possible or medical intervention has failed.

Often people think that the cause of death is what creates the trauma. Actually, this is rarely the case. We presume this because, on this side of the veil, most people have a fear of dying. In reality, it is the circumstances surrounding the death or the emotions we are feeling at the time of death, and their causes, that create issues in the current life.


A one-to-one past life regression with a qualified past life and between life therapist is the most powerful method to access your past life memories. Provided there is adequate time allowed for full exploration of the past life this allows an in-depth investigation of everything that is affecting you now.

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