Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a unique and fascinating tool for self-discovery.

Regression is used to explore the concept of Reincarnation; the probability that you have lived many lives before your current one.

Past Life Regression is not based on any religious belief system. Therefore belief in religion not necessary for a successful regression.

Exploring you who were in a Past Life is an adventure into exploring your deeper self.

Often you gain great insights into your current thoughts, actions and beliefs and discover the origins of your likes and dislikes.

Often you can identify people who you know in your current life, and better understand your relationship dynamics.

You can use Past Life Regression as a therapeutic tool to resolve relationship issues, phobias and addictions.

Addictions can accumulate over several lifetimes until they become debilitating in the current lifetime.

A regression to discover the initial cause of this addiction, can often clear the problem permanently in the current lifetime.

Past Life Regression Therapy is as powerful as Hypnotherapy.

Using relaxation techniques, and visualisation you are taken back in time to explore who you were, where you lived and your role in society.

For example, if you experienced a difficult relationship with someone in a past life, you may experience a feeling of dislike or mistrust for them in your current lifetime.

Most people are able to access their past life memories. There are no special skills or experience required.

The best results occur when you ‘go with the flow’ and allow your subconscious mind to show you what you most need to know right now.

Deborah Monshin has been guiding regressions for 20 years.

Deborah now runs online Past Life Regression Workshops via Zoom. Go to her Events page or click for Current Workshop Dates

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