Online Workshops – Group Bookings Only. Please contact me to arrange a booking for your Group.

All workshop times are London UKGroup Leader gets a FREE place. Minimum 6 paying people.

Past Life Workshop

Workshops are conducted via ZOOM, you do not need a Zoom account to attend the workshops

All my workshops are suitable for beginners or more experienced Past Life explorers! All workshops are 2hrs long. All workshops cost £25 per person – Group Leader is FREE.

We access your Past Life memories using lovely Relaxation and Guided Visualisation techniques.

We aim to connect you with your Higher Self, leading to a greater understanding of your motivations and desires in your current life.

You may uncover forgotten skills, understand issues and blocks, and even recognise people from your Past Lives. Profound Healing can often take place.

As we journey through the memories, you will be guided through Healing any Conflicts in these Past Lives,  and Heal Karma you may be carrying.

We visit the Between Lives Realm to understand the pre-incarnation contracts we made with others. In the after-life, we re-connect with loved ones, our Soul Group, and Spirit Guides.

You may receive information from Energy Realms to help support your journey of self-discovery.

Join us on a fascinating journey of self-discovery.

Pendulum Dowsing for Past Life Information

This fun interactive workshop is suitable for those with no experience of pendulum dowsing or exploring past lives.

Learn the ancient art of Pendulum Dowsing, and use this fascinating tool to gather information about your Past Lives.

You will learn how to connect with your Higher Self, your Spirit Guide, or the Akashic Records to help you receive information through the pendulum.

You will gather information about a Past Life: When you were born – Where you lived – How you died – Details about your family – What you did for a living and much more…..

Automatic Writing Workshop

Learn the difference between conscious writing, creative writing, and automatic writing; simple exercises will demonstrate how to recognise Automatic Writing.

You will learn how to connect with your Higher Self, or your Spirit Guide or the Akashic Records to help you receive information through Automatic Writing.

You will be able to use this technique to gain wisdom and advice to help you with your life challenges and future direction.

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