It’s not always Cleopatra!

My name is Deborah Monshin. I specialise in Past Life Regression and I have written a book about reincarnation. I was brought up in a lax Church of England household. I went to a Catholic school until I was eleven, and part of my family is Jewish. I was christened, attended Sunday school and have been confirmed. I have read the Bible and have studied world religions, but none of these belief systems ever resonated with me. When I was 14 I was walking through my local town of Winchester, when a Hare Krishna devotee gave me a book about reincarnation and then it all started to make sense.

In a short time I experienced the deaths of several people, which created a need for me to make sense of these experiences and of the world around me.

As an adult I have spent a lot of time reassessing my life on a regular basis. When I divorced my husband in 1997, my life changed again. I decided in 2000 to study hypnotherapy. It fascinated me how the mind can have a tremendous impact on the physical and mental well-being. I chose a Clinical Hypnotherapy training course that included Past Life Regression training. Visiting Cumbria had a profound effect on me, and I felt that “I needed to be here, but I didn’t know why”. It became clear after I moved to Cumbria that I had been drawn here to do spiritual and healing work.

I use hypnosis techniques to access Past Life Memories. Hypnotherapy is focused on deep relaxation, positive affirmations and visualisations, and, depending on the client, profound post-hypnotic suggestions for enhanced and lasting well-being.

Past Life Regression concentrates on exploring people’s previous lives and their experiences to improve the quality of their current existence. Many people lose that common fear of dying completely after experiencing a Past Life Regression. They understand that the soul is eternal and does not live in the body. They realise that we are Spirits having a Human experience. They also understand that religion has nothing to do with anything, except instil fear and reduces emotional development and social evolution.

It is not always the death experience itself that causes future problems, but what happens prior to it. This could be fear, decisions or promises made just before death, or humiliation. It is often the emotional state surrounding that death, or incidents in the previous lifetimes, that creates issues in the current life.

Not being able to make public speeches in this life could be traced to public humiliation in a past one. Healers and therapists who in a past life were betrayed as witches and killed for their beliefs, may find it difficult to verbalise and act on their beliefs in this life. Issues of trust and broken promises by spouses and lovers in a past life often lead to trust issues in relationships in the current life.

The lives we have lived are part of an overall cosmic learning process until we get our spiritual balance right. It’s not about reward and punishment. It is about learning and experiencing every experience that is possible.

I haven’t met Cleopatra, or any famous historical personalities whilst regressing clients. For most people, their experiences are those of soldiers, farmers, courtesans, barmaids, housewives and merchants. In short, the common human experience.

I have had pharaohs, an Egyptian princess and nobility, but regardless of social class, they all make the same ‘mistakes’, have the same regrets. And in the afterlife review they all understand that the only thing that truly matters in life, all their lives, is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.