Past Life Card Readings

New for 2021 – Private Live Tarot Readings via Zoom, Messenger or Facebook Rooms

  • I will no longer be doing readings via email due to the length of time it takes. I can offer online live readings at a fraction of the price.

Past Life Card Readings in person or via online

I offer one-to-one Past Life Readings in Windermere, or remotely online. Readings may connect you with repeating patterns causing issues or blocks in your current life. I work intuitively and connect with the non-physical (energy) realm, so you may receive more information or guidance in a variety of forms.

Past Life Card reading by Deborah Monshin

Starter Reading

Using 20 cards, this reading will show you two past lives that are connected to your current life. The first 10 cards may show patterns that you are repeating, specific skills and learning that you have undertaken, and the journey of your Soul over these lifetimes. Have you cleared Karmic issues? Are you stuck in a repeating loop? What decisions have you made between these lifetimes? Have you fulfilled your Soul Purpose in each one? The final 5 cards show your current life-time and what is being reflected from those three previous lifetimes. 5 further purpose or action cards are also drawn for you to indicate where you should concentrate your focus at this time. Approximately 20-30 minutes.

One-to-one Reading in Windermere: £40

Personal Online Reading: £30

Past Life Card reading by Deborah Monshin

Classic Reading

An enhanced version of the Starter Reading, with the same aims. But for this reading, we use 25 cards and we look at three past lives. Approximately 25-35 minutes

One-to-one reading in Windermere: £45

Personal Online Reading: £35

Past Life Card reading by Deborah Monshin

Premier Reading

Includes Classic Reading and incorporates rigorous pendulum dowsing, seeking a wealth of additional specific information. It may show your age, occupation, life/death dates, significant events in your lifetime and at what ages, your family status (siblings, whether you married and had children etc), family occupations, your age and manner of death, your health status, your financial status. It can confirm connections with people in your current lifetime. This reading may also show your attitudes in that lifetime and elements of your character. It may indicate issues that you have brought forward with you to your current life. Approximately 60 minutes.

One-to-one reading in Windermere: £80

Personal Online Reading: £70

***Karmic clearing is included in all of these readings.***