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Past Lives Present Healing – an Exploration of Healing through Past Life Regression.

Eleven people share their healing journeys of discovery; they explain the method of accessing their past life memories. They explain in glorious detail those past lives: who they were, where they lived, and the effect that lifetime had on them now. Some of the contributors describe how the emotional and sometimes physical healing occurred at a deep, spiritual level, and improved their lives now.

Possibly the most extraordinary effect is that they are no longer afraid to die.

Past Life Present Healing by Deborah J Monshin

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“I can hear my heart thumping in my chest. I become aware that I am supposed to be meeting my friends here, but I feel afraid and have a feeling of doom. I soon realize that we have been meeting in secret and that we were planning to kill the King….”

” I had the child and it was a girl. The nuns immediately took her away. for a second I thought they were going to throw her out of the window and kill her. I had heard of this before……”

Professional Reviews for Past Lives Present Healing: Denise Linn is an internationally renowned teacher in the field of self-development. “Anyone interested in the self-discovery that occurs from exploring past lives should most definitely read ‘Past Lives Present Healing’. With a voice of wisdom, born of extensive experience and training, Deborah gently, yet profoundly, nudges you to step into your past with safety and certainty. This remarkable journey into the past can truly heal your present life. I recommend this book!”

Dominic Beirne CMH CHyp MPNLP – School of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. “As a practising hypnotherapist for over 25 years, I have read many books on past lives and must say this is one of the very few that I have not wanted to put down. Very, very good!”

Readers Reviews: Marion 5.0 out of 5 stars An absorbing exploration into our past lives Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 April 2020 An absorbing & fascinating exploration into our past lives. This is a book for both the beginner & the more experienced alike, as it delves into the very human experience of just what the effect a past life can have, on our current one, & the very valuable service a Past-Life Regressionist & Hypnotherapist performs when they guide you through a session. This excellent book shows us so clearly how unresolved trauma, or even mild ‘disagreements’ with others in a past life can accumulate & build up like a snowball through successive lives – if they are not dealt with at the root of their cause. Marion

Tarot reading with the lovely Akashic Record Deck

Past Life Tarot Readings – £20 Approx 20 mins

In a Past Life Tarot Reading, we will explore 3 Past Lives and your Current Life, looking for patterns, familiar people, and similar experiences, so that you can understand more about your deeper motivations. This is a 20-card reading.

“I learned that I had always been poor in past lives and that this lifetime was about me learning to be comfortable around money. I had always felt embarrassed about earning a good living, now I am learning that it is ok.”

Why explore your Past Lives? – You have lived many lives in many different countries and social environments. The point of these past lives is for your Soul (the part of you that is eternal), to experience everything that is possible to experience, in a physical body. This allows your soul to develop and learn unconditional love and compassion. Who you are now is a combination of all those lifetime experiences; both good and bad.

As you move through these lifetimes, you can bring with you (on a subconscious level), some traumatic memories or painful physical experiences. These traumas, or Karma, can have a restrictive effect on your current lifetime. For example, addictions, fears, blocks to reaching your goals or dreams, and relationship issues.

Recalling your past lives can free you of those addictions, issues, and restrictions. Yay! The most powerful result of exploring your past lives is that you lose the fear of death, as you understand that you will live againyour soul, the real You- is eternal. Powerful stuff!

To book a Past Life Tarot Reading click HERE (under construction) Please contact me at

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